Google, Echostar Leave Nielsen In Dust With TV Ad System


Following the launch of its toilet bowl-based free wireless broadband internet access offering, TiSP, Google just struck a deal with Echostar's Dish network to provide an auction-based ad sales system. The system will allow for placement on 120 cable nets and offer second by second commercial ratings. Advertisers will make CPM bid buys through existing AdWords account across the 120 networks by daypart or have the system spit out an automated recommendation based on provided demos.

Tying into Echostar's set top box and using commercial ratings, Google will provide bid details, placed ads, ad viewership and performance by network all withing 24 hours. Bypassing all the ratings foolery in which the industry is enmeshed, Google hopes to bring true value to inventory by supporting it with tangible numbers. Big names such as Intel, E-Trade and 188Flowers have bought in for early tests.

Google has made and will continue to make mistakes as it follows its path towards world domination but we have to give it to them for cutting through all the crap and, as Nike has always said, just doing it.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Television   

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