Hot Italian Stallion Promises Multiple Orgasmums in Ad Outtakes


Aw, this is cute. Watch a mouthwatering actor try and fail repeatedly to say the word "orgasms" in the outtakes for this Lavalife ad, created by zig.

The funny thing is, every once in awhile he comes really close to getting it, then when action time comes he falls so short of expectations. How very much like the real thing...

The guy didn't make the cut in the final spot, but hey, we'll take one of those orgarms/orgasnuns/orgamsums anytime.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (1)     File: Commercials, Good     Aug-24-07  
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Getting the call-back and being cast for a lead speaking role in a national spot?

Being treated like a star in makeup and wardrobe?

Being in the spotlight on the set and getting the full attentions of the clients, director, cast and crew?

Priceless, all.

Failing to be able to say the line in the script, looking like a total jackass to all those people, getting left on the cutting room floor and then having the scenes resurrected, only to appear on Adgrabber? Sounds like an express elevator to Hell to me....

Hope he at least got his SAG card out of the deal... :^).

Posted by: Roger D. on August 24, 2007 03:18 PM

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