Oh the Horror! GoDaddy May Forgo Super Bowl 2008!


Bob, Bob, Bob. What are we to do? What will we have to write about come Super Bowl 2008 without GoDaddy drama? If we can't highlight your GoDaddy girls and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles over which you hurdle to get your spots on the air, what's a poor Adrants editor to do?

Oh sure, there will be some other dude who tries to propose to his girlfriend during the game. No doubt, there will be another slew of consumer-generated crap to slap around. And, of course, there will be another Snickers Kiss-like shocker to leave those without the humor gene aghast. Robert Goulet might even make another appearance. And let's not forget those skeevy direct to consumer commercials about old men who can't control their bladder. Or robots who commit suicide. Or scandal courtesy of CareerBuilder who will fire Weiden + Kennedy after their spots fail to place in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Poll.

Yes, Bob. While there may be some drama surrounding Super Bowl 2008, it just won't be the same without you and your GoDaddy Girls. And poor Danica Patrick? She only got to appear in one Super Bowl spot. And, she kept her shirt on. What's up with that? She didn't even get her Candice Michelle moment!

Say it ain't so, Bob. We know it costs millions and we know it's a colossal waste of money but think of your fans! The viewers! All those potential domain name registrants who'd much rather visit Godaddy and its girl as opposed to say Dotster and its, well, nothing.

We need our annual fix, Bob. Who, but the great GoDaddy could possibly deliver? The Budweiser Clydesdales? Jessica Simpson? Fabio? No, Bob. It just isn't going to be the Super Bowl we've all come to know and love without GoDaddy. RIP.

by Steve Hall    Aug-15-07   Click to Comment   
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A lot of those superbowl ads are not as good as the advertisers think they are.

Posted by: Clerical Solutions on August 18, 2007 9:18 AM

Worst blog post ever.

Posted by: Marcus on September 3, 2007 3:37 AM