Stardust Gets Sentimental, Launches Creative Montage on .tv


Having been among the first to leap onto the .tv train in 2005, Stardust has just posted a 2007 montage of its ads on the homepage.

Before we even go into the montage, by itself was given the Favourite Website Awards Site of the Day in November as well as the 2005 Tween Award for Best Reel.

This kind of news typically means jack to us but after watching the montage, we're inclined to disagree with our first inclination.

To start with, we usually hate agency montages, which are ridden with inside jokes and full of interns and other people shooting milk out their noses that nobody outside the agency actually cares about.

And it's rare to see a mash-up in which a plethora of brand personalities flow so well into one another without forsaking themselves or the firm's identity.

The Stardust '07 montage rocked. We were even able to pick out a few campaigns we reviewed before (Presidentti, Cardboard Robot, Fuel TV), as well as some we never saw but wish we had (like this one for Bombay Sapphire).

There are at least 20 pieces included in the mash-up, and it's truly worth the watch. And we hate to be cheesy (here we go anyway), but it reminded us why we were drawn to advertising in the first place.

A product or brand in the right hands can simply transport you to a place where magic still exists and you can drink unicorn's milk and Pepsi will make you cool and royalty comes a-calling on noble steeds and...

Yeah, we're shutting up now.

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (0)     File: Agencies     Aug- 4-07  
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