Disney Sponsors...Uh...Webcam Strippers?


Adrants reader Steve from Brand Canada Blog tips us to yet another contextual/text advertising oddity. Squeaky clean Disney site Disney Family has found itself hovering over a video of the stunningly curvaceous and undeniably hot "Andrea" as she fondles her (clothed) breasts, removes her shorts and tantalizingly plays with her thong while swinging her impossibly perfect booty in front of her webcam for horny guys to admire.

While we're sure guys who occasionally get horny and occasionally view racy webcam videos are also be fine, upstanding students, professionals, parents and role models, we're thinking this isn't exactly the mood Disney was hoping its potential target audience would be in when viewing its family-focused ads. After all, moods like horny tend to distract people quite a bit from just about everything except matters directly in hand. A captive audience for sure but captivated by something entirely other than an annoying text ad. Besides, thoughts of family fun aren't likely to be top of mind at this particular moment.

You can look at this two ways. It's a horrific occurrence that tarnishes a squeaky clean brand. Or, it's a non-issue because, after all, sex is natural and everyone does it. If a girl wants to undress in front of a camera while people to watch, that's her choice. If a guy wants to watch the girl undress while feeling good, it's his choice. Neither act makes either person a horrible human being. Nor does it necessarily make Disney horrible for associating (albeit accidentally) itself with what, when you get right down to it, is normal, human behavior.

We're thinking the latter assumption is a bit overly liberal for most and the former will is how most would react to a situation like this. But since this is just a tiny text ad on a tiny online video site and not any form of major media, this will be but a blip on the radar of humorous online ad goofs.

by Steve Hall    Oct-30-07   Click to Comment   
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maybe disney were unaware, because I was under the impression relevance was key, if their ad is on a not so child-friendly site, why would they expect the visitors to that site to be interesting in what they provide.

Posted by: Cheap Disney Cruises on October 31, 2007 12:46 AM