eBillme Confessions Contest is Funny as Hell!


eBillme's been emailing us off the hook about this CGA contest they conducted awhile back. They claim they're beating all the big guys like Home Depot and Pepto Bismol, who (scoff) have to pay for sponsorship and still don't win the hearts and minds of the body public.

Okay. But seriously, it doesn't take much nudging to get some emo kid to make a YouTube confession. Wave some cash in his face, and he'll probably air his family's dirty laundry, too.

The object -- as you might've guessed -- was to make a shopping confession. Every week somebody won $1,000, but at the end of the contest, some lucky bastard gets $20K. (They're still deciding on this one. And if they're smart, they will never stop. We have serious doubts they are going to eke $20K out of this, unless they count this coverage right here!)

The contest generated 61 videos, 86 members and 23 discussions, according to the eBillme people. And so far, three confessors have received a grand.

One lucky winner was a guy who buys men's facial care products in secret. We like that little thumbs-up he does after showing us each of his goodies, and it makes us laugh how he lies about shaving at the end. He also kinda reminds us of Hiro from Heroes.

For reasons we can't explain, we also really liked this confession from a guy who (kinda contrivedly) claims he's obsessed with candy. It's the little wink at the end that does it for us.

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Posted by: bronk on December 5, 2007 08:58 AM

Really? I was a little intrigued. Mostly, it got me thinking I might need to use a firming cream on my future "problem areas."

Posted by: Jessie Birks on December 5, 2007 09:41 AM

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