Sobara Fur Ad Crucified by Jezebel


While Jerry Sobara Furs, according to some quick research, certainly seems to be a real company, celebu-blog Jezebel took a look at the company's latest ad in the December issue of Vogue and wonders if PETA was involved. Positing the ad could not possibly be real, Jezebel writer, Moe, says "I mean, I know fuck-all about fashion, and I know you don't make gold-colored fur jacket with gold buttons and gold bric-a-brac trim. And if you do that, you definitely don't force the model to stand against a bronzy-gold wall and leaning on a gold paisley chair with a mustard-gold gloved hand.

Humorously, the writer also wonders what the motive was behind the casting of so beautiful model in the ad asking if Sobara "put out a call for 'pre-op Celine Dion, only 50-75 percent uglier?'" It goes on from there. And we thought we were harsh.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-07   Click to Comment   
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I know Dxxx/Sqxxx about fashion, but, when my honey brings me the ad and says, " LOOK, I want this coat!!", I see a sexually prime(23-32) female with absolutely nothing on below the waist with a come hither look (*pant*)!

Kudos to the creative team that executed this seductive beauty of an ad. ;)

As to the comments on the relative beauty of the model---my honey was not distracted nor put off by her beauty---and that is money in the bank for the client.

I think the harsh and, yes, funny, comments make sense, since the writer was not the target. I't not unusual for non-targeted eyeballs to "Not get" an ad and since this ad missed the writer on so many levels I would hazard a bet that they have never bought a fur coat for anyone, ever.

Posted by: arthur on December 3, 2007 1:10 PM