What Would Advertising Be Without Thongs, Fishnets, Miniskirts and Pumps?


Been meaning to get to this one for a few days. it's a campaign for ArriveAlive, an organization created by a father whose son was killed while driving drunk. The site touts the importance of the decisions and consequences that affect one's life. Calling attention to the site is a bathroom stall campaign which adheres images of drunken women to the floor and wall.

One woman is on her hands and knees in front of the toilet apparently puking. Another woman appears to be sitting against the wall in the mens room next to the urinals. Both are dressed slut-like with exposed thong, fishnet stockings and pumps. While no one really wants to look at a fat ugly drunk woman (or man for that matter), Copyranter wonders if we're supposed to think only sluts get drunk.


The images are certainly arresting and will certainly cause one to notice them. Thats a good thing. We just hope people realize women aren't the only sex that get drunk and end up sprawled out on the floor in their own puke.

And what the hell is the woman doing in the men's room? Was she so drunk she didn't realize which bathroom to enter? Was she brought there by a guy who then had his way with her in a stall and then left her on the floor while he went back for another?

Obviously, the message is don't get drunk and don't end up like this. Obviously, these situations do occur. And maybe that's the entire point of the campaign. Too much alcohol will certainly put you in a mindset where an thong is exposed is inconsequential as is the fact your seating position offers anyone who looks a clear view up your miniskirt.

We think an image of a 325 pound guy with a gigantic beer gut bulging out over his belt as he bends over to use the sink would be equally as shocking.

UPDATE: OK so there are male versions of the ad but they are so tame compared to the female version every point made here still stands.

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-07   Click to Comment   
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To be fair, there are guy images in the campaign.
But, they're not newsworthy.

Posted by: copyranter on December 10, 2007 3:03 PM

Research on this subject shows that drunkenness is usually reserved for the sluttier of the female of the species while in the males it is usually seen in the garden-variety douche.

Meanwhile, if everyone would just stay home and drink alone, we wouldn't have these problems.

Posted by: MortarKevin on December 10, 2007 3:57 PM

"What Would Advertising Be Without Thongs, Fishnets, Miniskirts and Pumps?"

That thing exists and it's called french-canadian advertising.

I've never watched such borings ad times on tv...

Posted by: Olivier on December 10, 2007 4:36 PM

Having gone to the site, arrive alive is hardly a provocotive site depicting women as sluts. It attempts to turn a father's grief into some positive action. So take issue with the ads, but give some credit to the overall undertaking. You can do better than this.

Posted by: Barry on December 10, 2007 5:10 PM

We have absolutely no problem with the ArriveAlive site and the goals it sets out for itself. None what so ever. The effort is admirable. My comments are confined to the campaign itself

Posted by: Steve Hall on December 10, 2007 6:37 PM