Firebrand to Create National Holiday Out of...Um...Commercials


Is there such a thing as tanking a press release, hoping no one will pick it up and make fun of it? No luck of that here today folks. It might be Martin Luther King day but we're still strapped to our crappy, back-breaking, sorry-ass chair dishing out content for the rest of you unlucky souls working today while your bosses are enjoying the day off.

Anyway. here we go. Firebrand (the hottest spots from the coolest brands, ya know) is pleased to announce what it's dubbed "The Holiest Day in Advertising," occurring February 4th. On that day, Firebrand will showcase the best of this year's Super Bowl spots.

Leading up to The Holiest Day in Advertising, Firebrand has launched a campaign, The Road to Firebrand Monday (can't you just hear Joe Jaffe in there somewhere?), which will consist of three commercials appropriately named Pregame, KickOff and HalfTime. The campaign urges people to tune to ION TV (who the hell has that?) beginning January 28 to view Super Bowl commercial play lists (don't you just love how they've latched on to that term?).

And let's not forget the celebrities. After all, what would great campaign be with out a celebrity or two? Firebrand delivers with...celebrity CJs (commercial DJ if you hadn't already figured that out) Reebok "Office Linebacker" Terry Tate (Lester Speight) and Carmen Electra. On February 4th, along with the celebrity CJs, Firebrand will feature the best spots from the previous day's game and award its Firebrand Water Cooler trophy. Well, here's hoping they have a few more people involved than USA Today's panel to make it, ya know, more scientifically accurate and official-like. Then when some client decides to fire its agency because their spot didn't win Firebrand's Water Cooler trophy, it will make perfect sense.

Oh and did we mention you can earn the chance to win cash just by downloading, emailing or embedding the commercials? Hmm. Looks like those YouTube autobot clicky things will have something new to do Monday.

by Steve Hall    Jan-21-08   Click to Comment   
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