Lingerie Site Features Hot Models, Blog About Models' Demoralizing Effect


So here's an intriguing campaign for you transparency lovers. Strawberry Frog crafted a website for Brazilian lingerie company Universo Intimo, filled it with images of impossibly hot models...then added a blog on which a woman writes about how young girls can be demoralizing and create impossible to achieve expectations.Um, nice but huh?

Of the blogger, a Strawberry Frog rep tells us, "Tati Bernardi is a leading female writer in Brazil who discusses many topics from safe sex to nail varnish. On the site she writes each day in her blog and people are asked to respond with their feelings towards the subjects she discusses. It's not all niceties. Yes, she does discuss whether long hair is sexier than short but she also discusses how she feels about her own body, how she would like to lose weight and how images of beautiful girls can be demoralizing and create expectation that are unobtainable." Hmm.

Also part of the site is audience involvement in which people are encouraged to write fantasy stories about the models. Now that could get interesting if those 16 year old boys in the grocery store were unleashed on it. Campaign imagery here. And yes, the copy is badly translated to English.

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Racy, Strange, Trends and Culture, Weblogs   

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