PUMA Creates Football Shoe For 2179


If you want to know what sort of "footwear" football (soccer) players will be wearing in the year 2178, PUMA has the answer for you. Like some form of full lower body armor crafted after those freaky looking animals you see in horror and fantasy movies, these PUMA "shoes" turn the game into something you'd see in Greek mythology.

Created by Danish agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig (who did the Sony Balls ad), the commercial features football players Gianluigi Buffon, Samuel Eto'o, Nicolas Anelka, Frederik Ljungberg, Alex Frei, Mario Gomez and Peter Crouch. Post-produced by The Mill, the "filming" involved 8 months of work with much scanning, animation and rendering of 523,000 fans all pulled together in one "take."

Of course,. it's not yet 2178 and football players don't yet look like mythical Greek half man/half animal things which is OK with PUMA because all they're really trying to say is that, until then, we have the best football shoe currently available, the v1.08 lightweight boot.

by Steve Hall    Jan-25-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Good   

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