Clustarak Cogs, AT&T Hijacked, 9/11 Ripped, Mentos Pooned


- Here's yet another knock off of the Honda Cog commercial which, of course, itself is claimed to have been a rip off.

- The Billboard Liberation Front is at it again, this time hijacking an AT&T billboard in San Francisco commenting on AT&T's release of people's voice and data information to the National Security Agency.

- Copyranter rants about even more lame 9/11 rip off ads.

- Here's a Mentos knock off ad called Poontos. Very NSFW and you'll know what when you view it.

- MIT Advertising Lab wonders why ads in adult publications such as Playboy don't feature ads with nude people in them. Fair question. We wonder too.

- If you want to see military recruitment ads from all over the world, there's a YouTube playlist here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-29-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor, Spoofs, Strange, Video   

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Rip off or not, our ad was great fun to make and you can see how we did it at Clustarack video page.

Posted by: Ed Sharp on March 10, 2008 3:20 PM