The Super Bowl Is Over, Christina Ricci Our New Obsession


OMFG! Finally, something not Super Bowl-related. When we head over to our fellow industry ad rag, Advertising Age (OK, it's far from a rag), we are usually in search of some specific article or reference that's been made. For some reason, early this morning, we headed directly to and were presented with one of their full page interstitial ads. We usually quickly click "Skip" (which, of course has some kind of built in delay forcing you to few the ad for about five seconds anyway) but at the sight of the deliciously captivating Christini Ricca lounging in the back of a limo reading Conde Nast's W, we became transfixed and couldn't turn away.

Having recently viewed Black Snake Moan in which Ricci appeared to be in a perpetual state of near orgasm while clad in nothing more than bikini-style underwear and a ripped top that didn't cover much, our Ricci Meter has been on high alert. So it's not surprising this ad caught our attention. While she's wearing considerably more clothing in the ad than she wore in the movie, Ricci never ceases to attract. It seems we've been in love with her since she played that freaky little girl in The Adams Family.

The woman is stunningly beautiful and has a most unique look about her that captures attention arrestingly. Anyway, it's not a Super Bowl ad and and we needed a break from that insanity so pardon our own little commercial break here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Good, Online   

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