Chrysler Weds Political Correctness With Web 2.0, Renames Focus Group


We just love how the same old thing gets a new name every few years. Retard? Mentally Impaired. Handicapped? Physically Challenged. Midget? Little Person. Indian? Native American. Oriental? Asian. Stewardess? Flight Attendant. Waiter/Waitress? Food Server. Mankind? Humankind. Mailman? Letter Carrier. Unemployed? Job Seeker. Boob flash? Wardrobe Malfunction. Genocide? Ethnic Cleansing. Garbage Man? Sanitary Engineer.

And now. Focus Group? On-Demand Customer Collaboration. Well that's a fucking mouthful but that's what Chrysler's labeled its foray into web 2.0-enabled conversational goodness with the launch of ChryslerListens. Yup, Chrysler now gives a shit what its customers and potential customers think.

OK, OK, so they always cared a little. Every car maker does. Or should. So let's just quit making retarded comments about something that has its heart in the right place...even though its the progeny of a late night tryst between a politically correct namby pamby and a web 2.0 geek.

by Steve Hall    Mar-25-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Research, Trends and Culture   

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WTF is a "lookism survivor"?! Is that an excuse for having man-hair?

Posted by: Angela on March 25, 2008 2:08 PM