Little Minx Experiments with Exquisite Corpse


...and no, not in the PBS kind of way.

"Exquisite Corpse" is a game where words and images are assembled to make a new whole. Players must adhere to certain rules to keep the game going.

Thus inspired, invited directors Chris Nelson, Josh Miller, Malik Hassan Sayeed and Phillip Van to play "Exquisite Corpse" with short films. Two rules:

o Each must respond to the last line of text from the last director's script, and
o Each film must feature the Little Minx brand somehow

View the results of the game. If you just want a taste, here's a lovely sad one about the death of innocence, which follows this one about a man who cheats at cards. (And that's a really, really short synopsis.*)


We normally hate short film compilations (ugh, like this one!**) because they seem like a veiled excuse for directors to experiment with antisocial personalities and disconnected scenarios while cashing in on doe-eyed cinephiles.

But we were pretty dazzled by this series -- partly because we didn't have to spend money to watch it, and partly because we had no way of predicting how each director would interpret the last line of his predecessor. We also thought it was a shame Little Minx didn't expand on the idea. It would be neat to see how amateur film makers continue the thread.


* It's also about disgruntled poker players, a crusty old marmie who shaves her pussy, an enlightened Samoan who's big on Wikipedia, and a panty-clad hostage in a camper.

** Although we did like the short about Greta.

by Angela Natividad    Mar-27-08   Click to Comment   
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