Google Might Axe 300 DoubleClick Jobs, Mostly Stateside, and Shafts Performics


With its acquisition of DoubleClick finally secure, Google gets down to the more controversial part of not being evil: axing a shit-ton of jobs.

As of today Google started making with the mass lay-offs. The New York Times says it's possible 300 could go, but the GOOG ain't all bad; it's softening the blow by giving a few chumps "transitional" roles, which means you get to transition-the-hell-out after the two big ships become one.

Google called the mass cuts part of an effort to "match and align DoubleClick employees in the US with our organizational plan for the business." You hear that, old fat DoubleClick guys? If you can't make it with the co-eds, GTFO.

Oh yeah. Google has also decided to sell Performics. Considering the conflict-of-interest had everyone all atwitter about Google's ethical stance, getting rid of it is the right thing to do, reputation-wise.

Whoever called evil "banal" has obviously never come up against the almighty GOOG.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 2-08   Click to Comment   
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