Shots from the One Club Student Exhibit


On Monday night I hit One Club's 14th Annual Student Exhibition. Buzzing from a bottled cola high, creatives-in-training hovered from display to display, murmuring competitive remarks.

It kind of felt like a grade school science fair.

But hey, even a junior high diorama can compel you to see ordinary things in new ways. Here are a few:


- Not clear on how this serves the Democrats (well, I am, but the image didn't necessarily strike me as negative). I like the whole customizable Preamble idea.

- Abortion can, uh, hurt the merchandise.

- Naturally artificial.

- It's party time a la Poe. Ready? 1 ... 2 ... 3!

- Pups love themselves some Petco. (I like this chew-toy purse handle idea.)

- It's Robitussin on crusade!

- Brush now, teeth later. (Probably one of my favourite student print efforts.)

- One time I got baked and thought this was a really awesome idea. It's not.


- Busty white tee invites a dousing.

- Rosie's less riveting with a sheet draped over her head. I think it's the dots.

- It's Ikea Tetris on a billboard!

- You can customize your photos. But can you customize fidelity?

More on flickr.

by Angela Natividad    May- 6-08   Click to Comment   
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