Agency's Biggest Fan Stirs Adrants to Write Book (OK, Not Really)


So here's some randomness. I used to work for an agency called BlackSheep Marketing. It's a small shop in Boston that focuses predominantly on high tech (Sorry, Kane, if you've changed since then). I did some new business work for them and sucked ass at it. Clearly, new business is not my thing. I had a great time working there though.

Anyway, Kane sent me this random video which introduces us to BlackSheep Marketing's Biggest Fan. Yes, there's a fan in the video. Yes, Darth Vader makes a vocal appearance. And, yes, that's Kane, himself, in the video. No, I have no idea what it's for but it's great to see Kane after all these years.

Oh wait, I get it. It's a nod to the insane heat we've been experiencing. Yes, I'm slow like that. That's probably why I haven't horrified the industry with yet another ego-fueled marketing book because, well, I'm slow and everyone's already written about everything before I can even think the thought. Anyway, I'd bore myself after the first chapter and you'd just be using the book as a weapon to whack all those people who keep saying, "Can you make the logo bigger?" Oh wait! Purpose! The book would have a purpose! Damn, I better get writing this thing.

by Steve Hall    Jun-11-08   Click to Comment   
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You did not "suck ass" at it. It was during the time of the Technolog(Advertizing) bust. There was no business for anyone and you worked your tail off and the agency was very kind to you- as you well remember. Hence the birth of Adrants. With love, your biggest FAN- MOM

Posted by: Mom on June 17, 2008 1:59 PM

Well thanks, Mom (and Dad) :-)

Posted by: Steve Hall on June 17, 2008 3:51 PM