Image Fulgurator Could Slip Ad Messages or Mascots into Picturesque Statues, Portraits, Landscapes


I knew this webmaster who was out in the forest one night with her digicam, taking shots of the landscape, when suddenly she realized there was something in the picture that wasn't there in real life.

"It was a UFO," she insisted, "just floating in the sky, perfectly still. And I could only see it in the photos I took."

I called bullshit at the time. But since then, Julius von Bismarck -- a seriously Che Guevara-looking dude -- invented the Image Fulgurator. It senses when a flash goes off, then projects an image onto the pictures people took.

See it in action.

Meanwhile, the Guerrilla Marketing blog poses the inevitable question: "Could such a device be used for guerrilla marketing tactics?"

Think of the potential! I'd be totally spooked if I took a shot of Niagara Falls and saw Ronald McDonald staring back at me with his spooky clown grin.

Someone on Boing Boing is less optimistic: "If this is legit, I predict it will be used almost exclusively to project the text 'NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY' onto snapshots of paintings, performances, and the like."

by Angela Natividad    Jun-26-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Guerilla, Strange   

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