Photogasmic Diesel Commercial Makes Fantasy A Reality


It's well know Diesel does some weird/interesting/racy/bad advertising. They did that global warming thing. They did that two-hotties-in-a-room-S&M thing. They did that Aarif Smaks dance instructor thing. Now Diesel offers up some photogasmic "fuel for life" for, well, its Fuel for Life line of fragrance for women.

In the commercial, the camera slowly pans over and lingers on several women doing what women do in high fashion commercials; rip their dresses, tear apart feathered pillows, roll dice across the floor, spin about in sheer curtains, caress themselves, bite their lower lip, strip their clothes off while running down the street and gaze longingly into the camera as if the cameraman was someone other than a fat, hairy, drooling beast with his gut hanging out of his much too tight t-shirt.

It's all very beautifully shot, of course, and is intended, like all other fashion commercials, to create a fantasy world which can become reality if. only. you. use. Diesel. Because, after all, even something as simple as perfume can transform even the most mundane looking woman into a vision of beauty.

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Good, Racy   

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