Bill and Jerry: Too Quirky for Quirky Suburbia?


In installment 2 of Microsoft's avant-garde repositioning extravaganza, Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld try the simple life.

Imagine it: two rich dudes, bunking in with a family straight out of Little Miss Sunshine. It's almost like when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie lived on a farm, except more weird than entertaining.

But maybe I'm just reacting to the malicious geriatric.

Highlights of the vid: Gates and Seinfeld are bad tippers. And at some point they get accused of stealing a family knick-knack. At the end, Gates does a limp rendition of the robot and trots off after Seinfeld with his luggage, both in search of new "ordinary people" quests.

Cut to tagline. "Perpetually Connecting: PC." Awwww.

I can see this becoming a gimmick: Seinfeld asking an inane question, Gates busting loose with the limp noodle moves, traveling off into the sunset like rambling Bohemians with really cheap shoes.

This wasn't what I expected, and I didn't like it much (actually, I liked it better after the third watch). Bill Green says he feels the campaign slowly building to something. That's cool and all -- but if the third misadventure doesn't bleed hilarity and/or make me want to buy, I don't know, a fucking ergonomic keyboard at least, I'm gonna be angry. Like, Halo angry.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-12-08   Click to Comment   
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nice. and it even has mel's husband from flight of the conchords as the dad. but see he has a beard so it isn't as obvious. three celebs in one spot.

is it me though, or is the same "straight delivery of fact" at the end done in the same method as the VW beetle talk show? it's almost as they go 'okay enough with the creativity, let's give you a straight sell here.'

and my take away is that none of them can exist with the regular people but uh, they like, connect a billion people.


Posted by: evan on September 12, 2008 2:04 PM

Angela baby...
You can come and play on my ergonomic keyboard any time you like. But remember to bring Barbie. Her's what I posted on Bill's site...
How much did they spend on this thing. CP+B must have balls the size of melons to get away with this shit. Posted on it yesterday on AdSCam. A lot of angry people out there. Maybe Alex should stick to writing diet books.
I think I prefered "Deadenbacker!"

Posted by: george parker on September 12, 2008 10:54 PM

Bill Gates wants a career in a sitcom and he is looking for the role of Al Bundy in Married with children?
Bill in a shoe shop - where Al Bundy was salesrep.
Bill meeting a strange almost weird average US family - just like the Bundy family

Microsoft business is selling upgrades (from XP to Vista). How does these short sitcoms will achieve to convince people to upgrade? Not!

Microsoft wants to engage the consumer and spark the conversation.
See how Al Bundy engages and sparks the conversation after getting a computer:

Posted by: Engago Team on September 14, 2008 3:23 PM