Economy Got You Down? Buy A Chainsaw, Cut Some Trees


Appearing today in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, Stihl offers confidence to wary consumers that, of late, hear nothing but bad news about the economy. With so many portfolios in shambles, Stihl promises to be a sharp investment in today's crazy market.

Say what? Is that a chainsaw in the ad? So, like, the solution is to take a chainsaw to your portfolio and dramatically carve it up because, given Wall Street, anything less would be wimpy?

Oh wait, Stihl isn't a financial management firm. It makes power tools. And not just any crappy power tools like the ones you can find cheaply priced at Home Depot or Lowe's. Nope. Stihl is an investment, not an expenditure because, unlike the cheap tools you have you buy over and over because they always break, Stihl is a life long investment. Or so the ad would have us believe.

Created by Boston-based Winsper, We kinda like the approach. A chainsaw ad in the Wall Street Journal. Not the usual, overused imagery often seen in the paper's ads. And, not your typical media placement either. With everyone freaking out over the economy, wouldn't it be fun to toss the paper in the trash (after seeing the ad, of course), go grab a Stihl chainsaw and mow down a few trees to relieve pent up, economically-induced stress?

You have to admit, that would be far more rewarding and therapeutic than attending some stupid anger management class where all you'd do is sit around, talk and listen to everyone else's problems. Who needs that? Fuck the tree huggers. Go buy a Stihl chainsaw and carve your way back to mental health.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-08   Click to Comment   
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I've got to tell you that Stihl makes one of the best products out there. Having owned 3 different saws and each one has preformed flawlessly, I have had one saw for nearly 20 years and it still starts 2 pulls everytime, in fact I'm so happy with their product I'm getting ready to buy saw number 4. Buying stock in their company, man sign me up:)

Posted by: Dubie on November 6, 2008 11:53 AM