Even Australians Are Fat


It seems America isn't the only place with an obesity problem. It was thought Asian women don't have breasts. Now they do. It was once thought America was the only place where guts hung over the belt line. Now that's not the case. Whether it's America foisting its eating habits on the rest of the world or whether its other countries accomplishing obesity all on their own, Australia has joined the club and is out with an anti-obesity effort from the country's Department of Health.

Focusing on appropriate waistline measurements for men and women, the spot has a man walking up a tape measure which doubles as a time line. As he goes through life and "lets himself go a bit," he gains girth while a voiceover cites the causes of weight gain and its effect on one's health.

The work does a nice job relating weight gain to normal life progression without being too preachy or screaming, "you're a fat shit!"

by Steve Hall    Nov-19-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Good   

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