HoneyShed Was Fun. Puma's $100 Million Is, Like, Way Better


Droga5? Puma? Wait, what? This is confusing. Isn't Droga5 supposed to be the agency that creates whacko stuff like HoneyShed? They wouldn't dream of taking on a real client now would they? It seems so. Droga5 has come to the realization that agencies need to make money to stay afloat so why not accept $100 million from Puma?

OK, so fine. Droga5 already has "real" clients like MTV and Method. But puma will make those accounts look like a local car dealer account.

Puma CMO Antonio Bertone said, "One of the hallmarks of Puma is our ability to push the envelope, whether in product design or in the way we talk about our brand. As a company we are naturally drawn to agency partners who share our DNA: the small but mighty, the evolutionists, the challengers. Droga5 is just such a partner."

Hmm. With that envelope-pushing mindset, maybe Bertone was behind those blowjob ads from back in those day.

Can you top that. Droga5?

by Steve Hall    Nov-12-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Brands   

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