Seatbelt Ad Removes All Emotion, Gets Clinical


OK here's another one of those "wear your seatbelt, idiot" commercials. This one, from AMV BBDO, takes a decidedly more "Road Safety 101" approach than most which pray on emotion such as this outstanding commercial from Ireland, one of the most powerful commercials of any kind we've ever seen .

Both approaches illustrate how automobile accidents can dramatically changes lives. Both come at it from different angles. Both work towards accomplishing their goals. But somehow, the clinical approach doesn't work for us. It's like watching one of those graphic medical documentaries on cable. It's so devoid of human emotion it's difficult to connect with in any meaningful way.

But, the emotional approach doesn't work for all. Perhaps this one will connect with the nerd down the street who loves to give twisted lectures on mundane topics such as why it might be better to put letters in your mailbox stamp side up or why you shouldn't uses the word suspenders when you mean braces.

by Steve Hall    Nov-17-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary   

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