AdGabber Grows to 6,500 With No End in Sight


Since I couldn't have said it better myself, I'll just give you a taste and link to the rest. As many of you may know, Adrants has a sister site called Adgabber. It's a social network of sorts and it's where we house all the ads we feature here on Adrants. It's a thriving community of 6,500 members who discuss things in forums, post pictures, add videos, write blog posts and do everything else you could imagine a social network allows for.

Ning, the company that powers AdGabber, recently highlighted AdGabber on its blog and wrote, "Members have started discussions about the highlights of working in advertising, debated whether Ugly Sweater parties are simply marketing ploys and posted videos about corporate marketing strategies. Members can discover creepy ads, guidelines for radio advertising and even a warm and silly welcome for a new member."

Oh, and regarding comment made about the money AdGabber makes, allow me to put that in perspective since a member asked if the site pulled in enough money to make a living. Yes, AdGabber does make money through the placement of Google ads. In fact, it makes so much money, it funds the purchase of coffee for Angela and I each work day for a month. Though during the last week of the month we have to share for a few days to keep within our AdGabber-funded coffee budget.

There's no doubt more money could be made on AdGabber. Event listing could carry a fee. Ads other than AdWords could be sold. And that could happen but AdGabber wasn't birthed solely to create another revenue stream. It was created out of love for the advertising business and a desire to provide a place for people in the business to hang out, mingle and wallow in a smorgasbord of advertising-focused content. Oh, and a place to house all the wonderful ads we feature here on Adrants.

Angela and I are very happy with the growth of AdGabber and all the wonderful content the members have contributed. If you haven't been there yet, give it a visit. We think you'll like it.

And it's free;)

by Steve Hall    Dec-19-08   Click to Comment   
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Pretty cool.. Thanks for the rundown, we're going to give it a try next month. Looks good :)


Posted by: on December 21, 2008 5:50 AM