For Blurb Project, Ammo Hunts Wound-Licking Creatives Down on craigslist


Blurb ("Real Books. Made By You.") is on a quest for castrated creative pitches, which it plans to compile in a volume called Killed Ideas Volume 1.

God knows this well of slighted egos is full to overflowing. But Blurb isn't in the creative industry, and apparently has no idea where to find its minions, so it's enlisted Ammo Marketing ("Stimulating Enduring Brand Conversations") to twist Ad Land's tap and get entries flowing.

Ammo in turn published this ad on craigslist, soliciting for city-based Mad Men that'll elicit saucy entries from colleagues.

It's a creative pitch for failed creative pitches!

Ammo will provide collateral, reporting tools and seeding via Facebook, blogs* and LinkedIn.** Compensation is negotiable, but you can expect 50% up-front and 50% after 4-6 weeks of behaving like an underage club promoter. Interested? Send a resume over and tell Ammo "why you are just the most connected creative there is, bar none."

Ad-heads will eventually be invited to enter their dusty dead concepts to, which isn't live yet, so all this is clearly off to a wonderful start.


* Odd that it hasn't already tried pushing this idea to ad blogs in the first place. What kind of "CONNECTED!" creative trawls craigslist for hack evangelism gigs?

** To its own connections. Say it with me: feeeeee-ble.

UPDATE: (From Steve Hall) Oops. we kinda trashed this before it was fully baked. Ammo has, in fact, reached out to ad blogs, namely, Adrants, which may play a role in another aspect of the program. But I hadn't shared that with Angela (becasue it just happened yesterday) so she didn't know. And it's early stages so all the pieces, ie., the website, aren't in place. I can tell you with certainty, the development process and the finished product will be a lot more fun and a lot more interesting than the craigslist ads

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