For Every Air Hump You Vouch For, Someone Out There Gets Protection.


We've all fantasized about making a living out of sex, drugs and poorly-tuned instruments. So it's likely we've all played air guitar -- the process of using your fingers to make sweet love to an instrument that isn't really there.

Thus inspired, McCann/Paris launched Safe Air Sex, a campaign that takes the concept of air guitar and applies it to (SAFE!) sex. Confused? Watch Rabbit Man molest valuable O2 after shimmying an invisible condom onto his imaginary three-foot jimmy. (We love how, to segue into condom application, he goes, "Stop. In the name of love.")

The videos were produced by Arsene for Durex. Viewers get to vote for the ones they like most. For each vote, one condom is given away to charity, up to 100,000 condoms total.

Between November 12 and 30th, users could also upload their own Safe Air Sex videos. (No idea where those were published. The SAS YouTube site looks pretty unloved.)

by Angela Natividad    Dec-16-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Online, Racy, Strange   

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