Durex Knows About Your Balloon Animal Thing.


We all hit an age where our innocence is lost and we should be kept away from balloon animals at all costs.

Know why? Because, given the opportunity, we'll grab two and make them hump each other, either out of boredom or to entertain other co-eds whose brains haven't fully developed yet.

Capitalizing on this sad phenomenon, Durex gives us its latest online vid, which Superfad CD Robert Rugan creatively dubbed kama-balloon-animal-sutra.

"When you get the chance to create 'kama-balloon-animal-sutra', everyone involved gets really stoked about pushing the boundaries as much as possible," Rugan beamed.

Driving home the point we made above (because that kama-sutra quip sure didn't!), Director Michael Wharton added, "[It's] a rare opportunity to actually get to work on a project that is so raw and speaks directly to the very core of the human psyche ... I mean, who doesn't like balloon animals?!"

We don't know.

"Get it on," the ad concludes, bringing to mind both the Marvin Gaye hit and images of condoms sliding over perky bananas. Agency: Fitzgerald+CO.

In another recent human rights violation, Durex/Paris conducted an online campaign where you could help underprivileged youths get condoms by voting on air-humping videos.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-14-09   Click to Comment   
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Agency: Fitzgerald + Co -- Atlanta, GA

Posted by: Brandon George on January 15, 2009 10:18 AM