ad:tech SF: Hashing Out Social Networking's Impact on Photo Storage


The stuff that comes out after an interview is sometimes just as good as what you get during. After our audiovisual taste of the future of HootSuite (and a power-fail story about ZipCar), founder Ryan Holmes of Invoke Media and publisher Krista Neher of The Marketess riffed on the photo storage merits of Facebook and flickr.

Compelling factoid: while it may be true that flickr hosts over three million photos, the unlikely Facebook totally pwns that figure. As of October 2008 Facebook became the largest online photo storage site -- clocking over 10 billion pics and counting.

Obviously there are big differences between the sites. Krista argues that flickr's too public for comfort, and people are more inclined to curate personal images in a space where they can control who sees what. (Apropos to that, I like how Ryan murmurs, "...stalker" at :22.)

How has social networking changed online photo storage and personal life-whoring in general? What's coming? We contemplate these questions and others while I clutch a digicam with one hand and macaroon-gorge with the other.

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Posted by: Pamela on April 28, 2009 7:57 AM

This is a very interesting video, I've never thought of the drive for "discovery" as being the major difference between Facebook and Twitter/Flickr. In this video, it makes a great deal of sense! I can directly relate to the process of "showcasing" a Facebok profile and how different the function of photos are in Flickr. Very insightful.

Posted by: mms on April 29, 2009 11:22 AM