Kiera Knightley Takes Beating In Women's Aid PSA


In this PSA for Women's Aid, Kiera Knightley gets together with her Atonement director Joe Wright to create this two minute video about domestic violence. Shot as if a scene within a movie, Knightley, who has just returned home from the set, turns to the camera and says, "Sorry, we didn't agree to that. That wasn't in the script," as she's hit by her boyfriend/husband.

After being pushed to the ground, Knightley is kicked in the stomach repeatedly as she cries out to the director, "Stop. Please, I didn't agree to this. No. No. No." The tagline reads, "Insn't it time someone called cut?"

It's well done. And, as is always the case with these domestic violence efforts (at least for us), it makes you want to pull out a gun and shoot the abusive fucker.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Cause, Celebrity, Good, Video   

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