One Club Releases Another Lust-Inducing Phallic Paperweight.


The One Show is debuting a Green Pencil award to honour "the one piece or campaign that best represents the highest standards of excellence in the field of environmental advertising" (...aaaaaand rake in more preliminary entry dosh).

Actually, it was agency BooneOakley/Charlotte's idea. Hoping to keep the institution relevant, it came up with the Green Pencil concept: an award composed of recycled glass, made in Taiwan (natch!) by Tittot, a "lost wax casting" glass art studio. Rapper and Battleground Earth co-host Ludacris will present the award on April 6.

See ads:

o "About the only time creatives will be rewarded for recycling ideas."

o "It's only self-serving if you're a planet."

Short, witty, straightforward. And to make the whole she-bang more appealing, observe how Ludacris rolls the Green Pencil between his bearpalms like it's a fat wad of wonderful.

by Angela Natividad    May- 5-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Industry Events, Magazine   

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