The Sappy Marriage Proposal Never Gets Tired


So someone sent us a message which read, "Not sure if you're the sensitive sappy type but here's a link to the extended version of a new TV campaign we just finished for Robbins Brothers Engagement Ring Stores."

OK so reading Adrants might not lead one to believe the people behind it (in this case, me) have anything but vindictive bones in their bodies but they would be wrong. Are we jaded? Yes. Are we temperamental? Yes. Are we unfairly bitchy from time to time? Yes. Are we like a playground will of wise ass little shits with nothing better to do that sling mud at one another and call each other names? Yes.

But, believe it or not, we are not insensitive and we are close to the biggest sap out there. After all, we cried during Sandra Bullock's film, The Proposal. Yes, we really did.

Well...we didn't cry during this Robbins Brothers video set to the tune of Donavon Frakenreiter's song "Lovely Day" which shares a compendium of various marriage proposals but we did like it. Who doesn't love the goofiness of a marriage proposal and all that comes with it?

And no, this is most certainly not the first time a jewelry retailer has leveraged the marriage proposal to move product. In fact, it's not the millionth time either. More like the trillionth...or more. But who's counting. Just enjoy.

by Steve Hall    Jul-31-09   Click to Comment   
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