Finally, an Incontinence Underpanty to Match My F-Me Pumps.


We dug the gimmick this time. And this time. And this time and this time. But this is one saunter-through-time too many.* And we're not standing for it!

Especially for a product like sexier incontinence underpants.

Expect to see the ad, dubbed "Evolution" (like one of the aforementioned raping-time pieces), on national TV, in print versions and online through 2010. And you can thank zig for that.

Client: Tena, which seeks to position itself as "The evolution of bladder protection." We got the PR direct to us, but props also to AdFreak for shooting us the spot, like, 2 minutes before, because apparently they're slightly higher on the mass-mailer hierarchy.


*Poorly-executed, to boot. Catch that moment where the flapper outfit just randomly appears? Ugh.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-20-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Television, Worst   

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