Dana Ford Gives Us 1-900-Buy-A-Car


Video blogger Jill Hanner is in a few commercials for Tri-State area Dana Ford car dealer. In one, looking all 1-900 dial-a-date sultry-like, she seductively coos, "Wanna save even more? Text the word 'fusion' to me, Jill at 50123. I'm waiting for your text."

Of course some creep called the car dealer asking if he could have Jill's phone number so he could call her.

Hanner was an "agent" for Ford's Fiesta Movement campaign which gave Ford Fiestas to 100 social media elite so they could record their every experience with the car during a 6 month period.

Hanner continues to work with the brand and currently creates a series of videos for Dana Ford.

But what you really want to watch is the transfixing video she made called Hot Doll in which her curvaceous bodaciousness bulges out of a tiny black bikini top and the equally delicious video she did wondering where all the beer babes have gone.

by Steve Hall    Sep-22-10   Click to Comment   
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