Doritos Gay-Themed Ads Not Offensive. Just Funny.


Two commercials submitted to the Dorito's Super Bowl ad contest are gay-themed. One features a wife catching, we assume, his husband ogling two gays guys sitting by a pool. A second has two guys in a sauna with one gawking at the other's physique...which just turns out to be...well...we don't want to ruin it for you.

As per usual, questions arise over the portrayal of gays in advertising. There was that Snicker's gay kiss ad a few years back. There was the Mr. T ad, also for Snickers, which had the A-Team star eradicating the streets of speedwalkers which many, including Bob Garfield, concluded had to be gay therefore making the ad offensive. Which was just stupid. The ad was funny.

As to the two recent Doritos ad, if the two gay guys by the pool were woman, the ad would simply be tossed off as yet another husband doing the "grass is always greener" thing and no one would have given it another thought. But because it's guy ogling guy, Good God, we better call the PC police!

In the sauna ad, if the guy was admiring a woman's physique he would have just been labeled a creep and slapped in the face. Which also would have been funny.

People read way too much into this stuff. Relax. Go grab a beer. Or check out some gay porn. It's all good.

by Steve Hall    Jan-25-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Opinion, Super Bowl 2011