PSA Highlights Dangers of Red-Light Running


Not quite as emotional and horrifically gut wrenching as that PSA from Ireland's Road Safety Authority but this road safety PSA from the National Coalition for Safer Roads which explores the familial devastation running a red light can cause.

The PSA centers on three women who share their story about how their loved ones were lost because someone ran a red light and killed them.

"No one ever thinks it will happen to their family," said David Kelly, president and executive director of NCSR. "Unfortunately, it's far too common. Every day, innocent lives are lost because of red-light running. This new PSA helps educate motorists about the dangers of red-light running and shows people how to get involved in our national coalition to make our roads safer."

A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that 113,000 people were injured and 676 were killed in crashes that involved red-light running in 2009 - two-thirds of the victims were pedestrians, bicyclists and occupants of vehicles hit by the red-light runners.

by Steve Hall    May-19-11   Click to Comment   
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