Matt Harding Returns With A New Dance, New Hope


Oh my. Goose bumps. Matt Harding, a guy who quit his job in Australia, traveled the world with friends, made a video of his travels (complete with personalized quirky dance moves) and because the video was noticed by Stride Gum, received funding for a second dancing trip around the world is...take a breath...back with yet another dance video.

His videos are moving tributes to the connectedness of the human race. When you strip away the borders and the politics, we are all really the same. We laugh. We cry. And we dance.

This time, Matt has a new dance that he's taken 'round the world to places like Detroit, Maldives, Zimbabwe, Budapest, Iraq, Maui, Louisianna, Damascus, Kabul, Toulon, Vienna, Beijing, Jeruselum, Pyonyang, San Juan, Belgrade, Boise, Edinburgh, Toronto, Dresden, Lyon, the USS Abraham Lincoln, Melbourne, Helsinki, Kyoto, Cleveland, Barcelona, and elsewhere.

As the video progresses and the music swells and the dancing crowds grow larger, one can't help but feel moved and awed by the dedication of this man who, this time, seems to have funded the trip himself sans sponsor. Impressive. Truly impressive. If aliens ever visit, Matt Harding should be our ambassadors to the stars.

Here's the 2008 version...

Here's the original...

Or is it this one...

by Steve Hall    Jun-21-12   Click to Comment   
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