People Really Will Do Anything For Junk Food


You know that rat race we all refer to sometimes when we're sick and tired of the same old crap we have to go through every day just to keep the wheels of life turning and the homeless shelter from becoming our next address? Well, Clemenger BBDO has taken a different...ahem...spin on the notion we humans are living life on a gerbil wheel racing towards, well, nothing really. Except in this case, people dressed in rat suit hop on the wheel, see how fast they can go just to get a bag of Fantastic Delites Vintage Cheese & Red Onion Flavor chips.

Yes, it's another crazy stunt that tests just how far people will go to get what they want. This stunt follows another which had people continuously pushing a button and performing other actions to get a bag.

But the best part of this stunt is awarded the audience which gets to witness some pretty fantastically hilarious wipeouts that occur as the rat humans attempt to keep pace inside the wheel without falling down.

Of the stunt, agency representative Erik de Roos said, "We did announce through the Fantastic Delites Facebook page that another challenge was coming up, without actually disclosing what the challenge entailed. Beyond this, we relied on the general public's interest and desire to participate. Of course, in order to demonstrate to the general public what was involved, we had to show them. As such, we had one pre-determined person who kicked things off for us."

Yes, people will really do just about anything to get a bag of the finest junk food.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla