Dove 'Real Beauty' Spoof Asks Men to Describe Their Balls


Just what everyone wants to wake up to on a crisp Tuesday morning...a discussion of men's balls. That's the latest subject in this Portal A spoof of Dove's recent Ogilvy Brazil-created "Real Beauty Sketches" video released two weeks ago. The original had an FBI forensics artist sketch women as they described themselves from behind a curtain.

It's the second spoof of the work so far with the first focusing on men's pompously confident view of themselves. This second spoof focuses on how men (and others) view their balls. We get descriptions such as "like a bag of old rags" and "my mom always told me I had soggy balls." One man describes his balls as "like a frog that died and has been baking in the sun for two or three days." Yeck.

The sketches, thankfully, look far better than what one can imagine the original subject matter appearing. See the video below. Some may consider it NSFW.

by Steve Hall    May- 1-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy, Spoofs