Chipotle Goes All In With Major League Soccer Sponsorship


Chipotle has partnered with Major League Soccer and has announced it will be the Official Fast-Casual Mexican Restaurant of MLS and 12 MLS Clubs. The sponsorship will be Chipotle's largest single sports partnership and will feature promotional programs with 12 teams, individual players, and programs across the entire league.

Throughout the 2014 season, Chipotle will work with MLS and the 12 clubs by launching promotions to reach MLS fans. During the AT&T MLS All-Star Week in August, Chipotle will sponsor the inaugural Chipotle MLS Homegrown Game featuring the nation's top Homegrown players from MLS Club rosters. Homegrown players from across the league will be chosen by MLS to participate in the game.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 3-14    
Topic: Sponsorship

DuvalGuillaume Frustrates Belgian TV Viewers With Spinning Buffer Ball


More often than not when you are video content online, you suffer the dreaded spinning circle buffering icon. You've come to accept that this is normal when going online. But what if this happened while you were watching TV?

To promote Belgian telecom company BASE's 4G service, the agency used billboards at the beginning and end of programming with the text, "You're not used to waiting at home. So why wait when you're on the move? With BASE 4G, you can surf everywhere as fast as at home."

It would certainly be a bit disconcerting to see the dreaded spinning ball while watching "regular" TV so perhaps this did a good job grabbing the audiences attention.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 3-14    
Topic: Television

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