Study: Despite Selfie, Samsung Was Not the Most Effective Advertiser During the Oscars


Video intelligence company BrandAds today shared results of its Oscars Ad Effectiveness Study where the company surveyed 38,369 participants to determine the effectiveness of airing ads during the TV broadcast of the 86th Academy Awards.

The study reveals that American Express was the most effective of all the brands that advertised during the show based on a 61.74 percent increase in consumers' likelihood to purchase one of their products. Sprint and Lunesta followed closely behind with 50.67 percent and 48.35 percent increases, respectively. And, shocker, Cadillac is in the top 5.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-14    
Topic: Research

If You Think Garbage Trucks Smell, You Need to See This South African Garbage Truck


This must have taken a lot of work. We can't imagine the lengths to which Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa went to in order to create this sweet smelling garbage truck it used to promote Tuffy scented trash bags. It must have take a Herculean effort to sweet up this ride.

But, it seems, they achieved their goal in what is one of the wackiest stunts we've seen. Yes, thy converted a garbage truck into an ice cream truck with a giant blob of melting ice cream on top.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-14    
Topic: Guerilla

Watch These 3 Guys Fail Miserably at Home Improvement


These BBDO New York-created ads for Lowe's will give anyone who has ever engaged in a bit of home improvement a big chuckle. If you've been there, you know it never goes as swimmingly as you thought it would at the outset.

Three new commercials, Ceiling Fan, Bathroom Tile and Bench Swing, acknowledge this truism and promise to offer help.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-14    
Topic: Campaigns

VW's Hill Hold Assist Doesn't Work With Fat People


It's always interesting to see another country's take on American culture. Sometimes they gate it right. Sometimes they get it wrong. Other times, it just causes one to scratch one's head in bewilderment.

The latter reaction is what we experienced upon viewing this ACW Grey Israel-created ad for VW. Using Elvis -- from his skinny days to his fat days -- the agency is promoting the brand's Hill Hold Assist feature. Except, it isn't doing much for Elvis who is far from holding his ground on the incline.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-14    
Topic: Brands

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Just How Many Awards Can Cannes Lions Fit Into One Week?


On a binge to see just how many awards it can pack into one week on the South of France, Cannes Lions has introduced Regional Network of the Year, replaced Media Agency of the Year with Media Network of the Year and made changes to the Palm d'Or.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-14    
Topic: Industry Events