Honda Trades Death and Dismemberment For Emoticons in Safe Driving PSA


While there have been some amazingly powerful safe driving PSAs from all over the world, most of them resort to the dramatic, real-life trauma of the crash (see the all-time classic here). But this entry from Honda takes a different approach.

The automotive brand has enlisted the power of emoticons to convey its message with a new social media program aligned with April's Distracted Driving Awareness Month to call attention to the dangers of texting while driving. In support of this first-ever National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiative, Honda is launching the "Thumbs Up" (#thumbsup) social media campaign to reach young drivers by using emoticons along with a video that illustrates the importance of safe driving.

Of the effort, Honda CVP and GM Jeff Conrad said, "Honda's 'Thumbs Up' campaign is designed to resonate with a diverse group of younger drivers to raise awareness of the perils of texting while driving. Honda is deeply concerned about the safety of all of our customers and we remain committed to enhancing the safety for all of those on the road."

As part of the campaign, still images and GIFs will be used on Honda social platforms providing information about distracted driving and tips on ways to stay focused while driving. Corresponding downloadable mobile wallpaper and banners will help remind drivers not to text and drive.

The campaign includes a hispanic element as well.

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-14   Click to Comment   
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