It's Been A Long Time Since This Pretty Baby Was Lost in A Blue Lagoon But Brooke Shields Is Perfectly Content Luxuriating on A Couch And Selling You Furniture


For the launch of their new Urban Attitudes collection by La-Z-Boy, the brand is out with a new RPA-created campaign featuring spokeswoman Brooke Shields. The campaign includes television, print and digital ads that aim to alter misconceptions about what it takes to create a stylish living room.

In the TV ad, Brooke Shields is seen (not too closely, mind you) sitting on a couch talking about how much everyone wants a stylish living room even though they don't have a team of designers, unlimited budget or an industrial-sized hair fan. But with the Urban Attitudes Collection, now you can!

"The dress stays!"

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by Steve Hall    May- 7-14    
Topic: Celebrity

These Flo-Less Progressive Ads Featuring A Grown Man Burping And Farting in A High Chair Will Have You Laughing Your Ass Off


Well the headline pretty much says all you need to know but Progressive Insurance is out with four new ads -- with longtime spokeswoman Flo nowhere to be seen -- that feature a grown man in a baby sling, in his "mother's" arms and in a high chair at work. The ads aim to encourage Millennials to drop their parents' seemingly outdated insurance and switch to Progressive.

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by Steve Hall    May- 7-14    
Topic: Strange

If You Watch One of These Cree Light Bulb Ads You Will Want to Watch All Eight


Nothing could make us yawn wider then receiving a new campaign for a light bulb brand. But when the emails says "the campaign is a copywriter wet dream," our interest is peaked.

And this campaign from Raleigh-based Baldwin& is, indeed, peak-worthy. Featuring the entrancing Lance Reddick, known for his roles in Fringe and The Wire, we are thrust into a world of choice which pits the Cree LED light bulb against other, less innovative bulbs.

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by Steve Hall    May- 7-14    
Topic: Campaigns

See John Lewis Time Travel Through 150 Years of English History


While nowhere near as moving as its Christmas ad last year, John Lewis' 150th anniversary ad is a nostalgia-laden look at 150 years of life in England presented in one flowing long shot that shifts from one era to the next.

With the tagline, "For 150 years you've never stood still. Neither have we," it would seem John Lewis wants everyone to know its changed to meet the changing needs of everyone's changing needs over the changing years.

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by Steve Hall    May- 7-14    
Topic: Commercials

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Lamar Advertising Wants Your Mothers Day Wishes on Its Billboards


For a medium that is, perhaps, the oldest and most traditional, the outdoor industry has done an admirable job in recent years keeping itself relevant as everything goes digital...including the industry's own billboards.

To help people show their appreciation and love on Mother's Day, Lamar Advertising has launch a hashtag campaign which encourages people to upload an image of themselves with their mother to the brand's Facebook page or to send a tweet using #InspiredByMom.

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by Steve Hall    May- 7-14    
Topic: Outdoor