This Sweetly Playful Cornetto Cupidity Video Explores Lesbian Love


When AdFreak's Roo Ciambriello, who is our favorite new ad writer, said the new Cornetto Cupidity ad entitled 40 Love "is totally worth the watch" and is "a bit like a softer and sweeter Judd Apatow movie" and that there might be "Pabst Blue Ribbon in there somewhere," we were hooked.

We grabbed a cup of coffee and tuned in for the ride. And a beautiful ride it was. We've discussed the Cornetto Cupidity series before, most recently here and in out Marketingland Creative of the Day column here, and this one did a fine job extending the notion love is, well, like eating a soothing bowl of ice cream.

Or something like that. After all, Cornetto isn't doing this just for fun. They would, of course, like to sell some ice cream along the way otherwise they should just close up shop, move to Hollywood and start making movies.

This 8 minute video features English singer/songwriter/actress Lily Allen who falls (literally) for for a beautiful professional tennis payer who, at first, isn't so keen on Allen. But after drinking in some of Allen's coyly sweet playfulness, she's hooked. And so are we.

It's an endearing love story that has as much fun exploring young love as it does toying in internet memes. Watch. You'll see what we mean. Whether or not any of this is selling ice remains to be seen. But the series, out for a year or two, certainly has captured the attention of the press and viewers.

By the way, Roo, we were drinking PBR in college long before the hipsters discovered it. Yet it was just as hip back then and tasted just as shitty as it does today. Nothing really ever changes.

by Steve Hall    May-19-14   Click to Comment   
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