MochiMedia Launches Self-Serve Online Game Ad Network


We've never heard of these guys as they've been in private beta for a while but yesterday Mochi Media announced its public launch of MochiAds, online games ad network for advertisers and independent game developers who want to capitalize on the estimated one in three Internet users that visit online games sites each month.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-16-07    
Topic: Games, Online

Japan Gets Pink AxeBusters


We all know how much the Japanese love their manga and how kinky they can be so it makes perfect sense they get their own version of the Axe campaign with their own fighting hotties presented Charlie's Angels-style. There's even a 16 year old hottie because, well, the laws about that sort of thing are different over there. We tried to play the game but we set of some sort of alarm. Perhaps they don't want Americans getting in on the fun.

by Steve Hall    Oct-15-07    
Topic: Games, Good, Online

DHL Location Locator May Correct Geo Issues Your Teachers Never Did

dhl location locator.png

This is neat. If you were ever a fan of that game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? you'll enjoy the hell out of this location locator game for DHL.

The object is to locate each state as it appears on your country's map. The faster you can do it, the higher your score. Your mistakes are also counted.

Our teachers will be happy to know that we finally know where Wyoming is. Seriously. We were beginning to think it didn't really exist.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-13-07    
Topic: Brands, Games, Good, Online

Ask The Spirits II Connects You With the Dead


Just in time for Halloween, TAMBA Intrnet has reprised its 2006 Halloween effort with Ask the Spirits II, a Ouija board-style game that answers your questions about dead relatives and other ghoulish type inquiries. That's really all there is to it. Give it a go.

by Steve Hall    Oct-10-07    
Topic: Games, Online

Online Game Gets Goofy With Fish, Pigs, Snails


Conjuring the weird and the WTF, Pasedena-based Ayzenberg has created three deliciously odd commercials for the hugely popular (out side the U.S.) game Maplestory, a free game, from Korean company Nexon, that makes it's money from in-game micro-transactions, a somewhat new trend in gaming. Called Fish, Pig and Snail, the commercials were directed by Erich Joiner along with Ocsar winning DP, Robert Richardson.

The campaign recently launched on MTV, MTV2, Comedy Central, G4, Cartoon Network' Adult Swin, Sci-Fi and Fuse.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 9-07    
Topic: Commercials, Games, Good, Strange

Short of Ideas, Candystand Appeals to Would-Be Gaming Devs

candystand baseballer.png

If you're a fan of Candystand, or even if you hate their guts and think you could make all their games 10 times better, you will dig this.

Candystand is seeking would-be game designers to help them put together a new baseball game. Of course we jumped at the opportunity to join but it keeps making our browser crash, which is a bummer, because we really think Steroids Showdown (our "concept") would have curried a following of near-religious proportions.

Contest winners get to hit NYC to hang out at Candystand's Development Headquarters, which we imagine looks a lot like a cross between Dave & Busters and Willy Wonka's edible paradise. (It is, lest we forget, a Wrigley's company.)

by Angela Natividad    Oct- 4-07    
Topic: Games

New Book Gives the Online Identity-Obsessed Some New Numbers to Crunch

oid nest eggs.jpg

This is cute. To promote Career Distinction: Stand Out By Building Your Brand by William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson, we've been sent the Online Identity Calculator.

This magic tool tells you how close you are to achieving online identity nirvana by assessing the quality of results gleaned from a vanity search - everybody's favourite covert activity. As far as we can tell, the calculator works for names as well as for companies.

All results guide you back to the book for more information and tips on achieving notoriety - or at least earning passing mentions in your circle.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-24-07    
Topic: Games, Good, Promotions

Filial Duo Says Games Hurt, Studying Helps, Academic Performance

orly bird.jpg

Here's a shocker. A revolutionary report, compiled by a father-son team on a college campus, has found that video games hurt grades, while studying improves them.


Does this mean Candystand hurts professional performance? How much does this actually scale?

by Angela Natividad    Sep-21-07    

GM Promotes Better Eating While You Hurl Food at Strangers

good food fight.png

This game is awesome. Banking on the knowledge that most of us have enjoyed the fantasy of a good food fight but have had little opportunity to act on it, mono has created The Good Food Fight for General Mills' Eat Better America.

Gamers get to choose between three healthy dishes, based on splat factor, hurlability and stainage. Then they get to select a trash-talking, food-slewing chef.

We were disappointed at first because after choosing a chef, the site loaded a recipe page. So we thought we'd write the game off - then all of a sudden this crazy chef in a kimono comes leaping out of the frame throwing food at us and saying all kinds of wild things.

It was amazing. It was like playing a game of Street Fighter and finding our little characters come to life to harass us. It was like Animator vs. Animation, except with a tiny person and not a sociopathic stick figure.

Anyway, we lost the game, and in a manner most demeaning we were told to go clean ourselves up. Bummer. But in a good way.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-19-07    
Topic: Games, Good, Online

AtomFilms Gives us Chance to Murder Our Own Creativity

animator v animation game.png

Remember Animator vs. Animation? Of course you do. Well, now there's a game.

You're the animator, a task that sounds more savory than it actually is. It's surprisingly hard to kill the little bastard. But maybe because that's less because he's clever and more because the "paint" functionalities just don't lend themselves well to ensuring a speedy and certain death.

We suffered from Game Over twice before running out of the room and screaming. The neighbors are not pleased.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-17-07    
Topic: Games