Jerry Bruckheimer Music Addiction Instills Love of Video Game


With its classic Jerry Bruckheimer movie-sounding theme music (which draws us in every time for reasons we know not), Sony has released two new PlayStation sites created by Zugara. The two sites offer visitors mini Navy Seal Missions introduced by former real life Navy Seal Rob Roy. After viewing a brief explanation Roy about how a four-man team needs to work with a two-man team, visitors are asked to complete a reconnaissance mission on the FireTeam Bravo 2 site. Once the recon work is completed, a four-man assault mission on the Combined Assault site becomes unlocked, and players are automatically deep-linked back to that site's Crosstalk section so that you can lead the assault team.

You have to have a seriously super fast Internet connection or a lot of patience for the site to load but once it does it's impressive. Zugara shot and produced many of the videos on the site as well as the Rob Roy introductions. Whether or not violence in video games is linked to violence is real life merits its own debate but setting that aside, the site does what it's supposed to do - draw you into the game and provide you a taste of what it's all about. Of course, our adoration of the site could be entirely due to the Jerry Bruckheimer-style music which, we admit, is one of our biggest uncontrollable addictions.

Oh damn, was that a fist bump we saw in of those videos? Zugara, you have heard of, right? And that Super Bowl commercial that announced to the world the fist bump is so over? Yea, yea, we know you're just promoting the game and you didn't make it. Oh screw all of that and the debate over video game violence. Will someone please send us a PlayStation so we can revel in beating the shit out of people while getting high on Jerry Bruckheimer-style music?

by Steve Hall    Feb-18-07   Click to Comment   
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