Suitehotel Courts Best Bed-Jumping Photos


With help from Vincenzo Castrogiovanni of The Viral Factory, Accor's Suitehotel orchestrated The Suite Jump Games -- the largest international bed-jumping contest ever held.

The Suite Jump Games launched on April 4th at the Stade de France near Paris. Five villages were arranged in front of the stadium and equipped with beds for anyone achin' to do some mattress-leaping. (At the time, a rugby match was taking place between Stade Francais and Clermont-Ferrand, so 80,000 spectators were on-hand to both watch the festivities and potentially convert into bed-jumping contest entrants.)

This is the kind of thing that gives us chills, even if we cracked our heads open as kids while engaged in this specific activity. (12 stitches! But for the joy of the jump, possibly worth it.)

No fear if you missed the launch in Paris. The contest lasts through September 30th, and the objective is to take the best bed-jumping photo, then gather the most votes. Enter your pix here; the language can be changed from French in the upper right-hand corner.

Every week until October, a 50-euro gift voucher will be given to users that get the most votes for their photo. Of those weekly winners, one grand prize winner will be randomly picked to get a 2000-euro voucher for airline tickets to wherever you like, no expiry date.

Runners-up get a seven-night stay for two at a Suitehotel anywhere in the world. Nice tie-in, thar.

UPDATE: James over at says he and a buddy masterminded a similar concept over at four years ago. was bought two years later by Hotels by City, which still solicits bed-jumping photos to push its hipster hotel experience.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-14-09   Click to Comment   
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This feels like more than idea borrowing.

My friend Chris started the bed jump blog about 4 years ago and sold it about 2 years ago.

Now Hotels by City runs it at and gets dozens of photos every week.

Posted by: James on April 14, 2009 1:59 PM