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E-Cig Hotties Call Fowl On Freezing Smokers


Dressed as referees, a collection of women traveling around Manhattan in a Westwood One radio bus are hopping out, blowing their whistles and crying penalty when they see smokers out in the cold taking a drag. And their offering free samples of NJoy e-cigs.

But, really, what's the point of this stunt? That you can smoke e-cigs inside out of the cold? Not after exiting New York City Mayor Bloomberg, on his last day in office, signed a bill that making smoking e-cigs inside just as bad as smoking real cigarettes inside, right?

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-14    
Topic: Guerilla

Even if Your Toshiba Laptop Could Withstand Dog Slobber, Would You Even Want to Use It?


In it continuing mission to prove the reliability of its laptops, Toshiba is out with some field testing in which Matt and Jamie put the brand's laptop to all sorts of crazy tests. One such test is Gusto, a dog who slobbers all over the keyboard of a Toshiba laptop while trying to consumer a piece of bacon...all to prove how much wear and tear a Toshiba laptop can withstand.


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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
Topic: Strange

Would You Go This Far For Kraft Macaroni & Cheese?


To quickly answer the question posed in the headline, perhaps not if you knew exactly what it was made of. But let's not get burdened by a few trivial nutrition details. No. Let's just wallow in the craziness these people go to in this CP+B-created commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
Topic: Commercials

Cheerios Revisits Multiracial Family for First Ever Super Bowl Ad


Cheerios has brought back the multiracial family that sparked a storm of controversy when the brand first introduced the family back in May. The spot, released last night, shows the family in the kitchen at breakfast. Dad is explaining to his daughter that she has a baby brother on the way.

Saatchi & Saatchi New York created the ad.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
Topic: Super Bowl 2014

How to Do Content Marketing Like A Superhero


This is the most informative and enjoyable white paper you will ever read on the topic of content marketing. We've read it and it's awesome. And it has comics! What more could you want?

So what's it all about? Find out how modern marketers have implemented content marketing strategies to re-empower their marketing and sales organizations, impact purchase decisions, build trust, and generate quality leads.

In this eBook, you will find:

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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
Topic: Research

Instagram 'Belfie' Sensation Jen Selter Lands Another Endorsement Deal


Jen Selter, the New Yorker whose amazing ass brought her fame and now fortune on Instagram, has -- as we knew would happen -- signed yet another marketing partnership deal. This time, it's Cirrus Fitness, a fitness equipment manufacturer.

If you haven't heard, or have been living under a rock, a couple years ago Selter began working out. She noticed it was firming up her body, most notably, her butt. So she decided to post posterior pictures, of belfies, to her Instagram account. She now has 2.2 million followers. Most probably following for reasons entirely separate from fitness-related purposes.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
Topic: Racy

Indians Take Washington Redskins to Task Over 'R-Word'


Well here's a powerful message from the National Congress of American Indians that celebrates the plight, achievements, attitude and history of the American Indian. The two minute video shares a collage of Indians, their place in America and pays tribute to their tribal names.

All throughout the video, created by goodness Mfg., we are given words that describe these proud people. At the end we are asked why a national football team still uses a derogatory word, referred to as the "R Word" by native Americans, as its name and mascot.

If only this were running during the Super Bowl.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
Topic: Cause, Super Bowl 2014

Startup Makes Really, Really Really, Bad Version of Apple's 1984 to Promote Launch


Don't watch this. Just don't. Unless, of course, you want your warm-hearted memories of Apple's Super Bowl spot, 1984, to be forever sullied. Aspiration, some financial services start up for the masses, is leveraging the 30 year anniversary of Apple's famed 1984 Super Bowl commercial by, well, by pissing all over it with what they feel is a much-needed message regarding the state of finance.

We guess the financial market does need a kick in the ass and we hope Aspiration can deliver. But, please, leave the classics alone

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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
Topic: Super Bowl 2014

Puppy Falls For Clydesdale in Budweiser Super Bowl Ad


OK, then. This Anomaly-created Super Bowl Budweiser commercial, Puppy Love, is bound to bring tears to the eyes of those easily moved by puppies and cheesy love stories. Reprising his role from last year's Brotherhood spot, Don Jeanes in the role of Clydesdale trainer, is visited by the puppy of a neighbor, model Melissa Keller, who runs an adoption center.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
Topic: Super Bowl 2014

Next Year's VW Super Bowl Ad Will Feature German Engineers With Rainbows Shooting Out of Their Butts


This year's Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial icreated by Argonaut is particularly relevant to me since I own a VW. And very old VW. A 1999 VW Passat. With 202,000 miles on it. So when I watched this "It's A Wonderful Life"-inspired commercial in which a dad tells his daughter that a German engineer gets his wings every time a VW hits 100,000 miles, I was like, hey, what about when a VW hits 200,000?

Thankfully the wise ass daughter replied, "Yea, dad. And I'm sure at 200,000 miles, rainbows shoot out of their butts." Well it pleases me to no end that I may have caused one German engineer to shit in technicolor.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-28-14    
Topic: Super Bowl 2014

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