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MINI Mocks Anthony Weiner With 'Carlos D. Motor' Twitter Account


Having a bit of fun at the expense of sext-o-holic Anthony Weiner, the folks over at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners created this MINI ad which they tweeted from a Twitter account they created called @CarlosDMotor. "Wanna get your hands on my stick?"

The ad and the tweet mocks the pseudonym Weiner chose for himself, Carlos Danger, when he sent naked pictures of himself to younger women.

With just 37 followers, the @CarlosDMotor Twitter account isn't gaining much ground but, hey, it's a nice diversion on a Friday.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-26-13    
Topic: Spoofs

Havana Brown to Perform at Affiliate Summit in Philadelphia


If you will be attending Affiliate Summit in Philadelphia August 18-20 (we will be), you might be interested in knowing Australian DJ, singer and dancer Havana Brown, whose hit, We Run the Night, topped the US Hot Dance Club Songs chart and hit number 26 on the U.S Billboard 100, will perform at the Clickbooth/MaxBounty/CPAWay Affiliate Nation party Monday, August 19.

The party will take place from 9PM to 1AM at Lit which is located at 460 North 2nd Street. Along with Brown, there will be dancers, performers and, of course, the all important open bar.

Wanna go? RSVP here.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-26-13    
Topic: Industry Events

Top 10 Trends in Social, Mobile and Email Marketing [Report]


Are you armed with the right research and market trends to craft a killer marketing program? This white paper discusses developments in technology, such as social media, mobile usage and cloud services and offers practical advice on how you can take advantage of these upcoming trends to ensure you are at the forefront of multi-channel strategic marketing planning.

Download this report now to learn the top trends, challenges and opportunities facing digital marketers over the next 12 months

by Steve Hall    Jul-25-13    
Topic: Research

14 Examples of Royal Baby Real-Time Marketing (Better Late Than Never)


Everyone's doing it, right? In two ways, actually. Everyone's getting on the real-time marketing bandwagon which kicked up steam with this year's Super Bowl and then again during the Academy Awards. Now we have the Royal Birth and, of course, marketers were all over that as well. Oh and the other way? Everyone's writing about it too. So pardon us if we join the party.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-25-13    
Topic: Social

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Toshiba and Intel Offer Up Moustache and Unibrow Hilarity With 'The Power Inside' Social Film


Going in a completely different direction than they did with Intel + Toshiba's The Beauty Inside, Pereira & O'Dell is out with The Power Inside, a hilarious new content marketing film directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon and starring Harvey Keitel.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-25-13    
Topic: Brands, Social, Video

Underwear Brand Paints Politicians on Brazilian Boobs


You've gotta love breastvertising. After all, who doesn't love breasts? Men can't help but ogle them and turn into blithering idiots in their presence. Women can't help but stare so as to size up their own assets. Frankly, with everyone on the planet obsessed by them, it's the perfect ad median.

So it makes perfect sense that every once in a while a brand decides to capitalize on our boob obsession with some witty advertising. This time, it's Brazilian lingerie brand Hope that's having a bit of fun on a few pairs of pendulous breasts with some political figures.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-24-13    
Topic: Racy

Google Ads Favicons to AdSense Ad Units


- Google has added favicons to its AdSense ad units.

- Awesome advice for those looking to become a social media guru:)

- Here's more data that support Apple's latest ad campaign is a failure.

- Seems a couple of ad ladies are miffed over the fact Nike doesn't sell shoes in women's sizes and aren't designed appropriately for women. Need more pink, we guess.

- AOL plans to launch an ad-tech upfront with a focus on programmatic. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong says,"It's essentially a machine upfront. We believe you will have an upfront commitment cycle that will rival TV."

- Not everyone is a fan of the Dove Real Beauty campaign. Predictably, it's a fashion form founder who has become a vocal critic of the campaign.

by Steve Hall    Jul-24-13    
Topic: Online, Research, Social

Vegas Nightclub Promotes With Vine-Like, Double Entendre-Laden Videos


O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul, working (according to the press release) "with the subtlety of a jackhammer" for Las Vegas nightclub, The Act, has crafted a series of double entendre-laden, Vine-like (love that new descriptor?) videos to promote the club.

Three videos include the headlines, "We trim the green, you putt the birdie," "We mix the frosting, you lick the spoon" and "We oil the trumpet, you blow the notes."

And yes, the double entendres are exactly what you think they would be.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-24-13    
Topic: Video

Bookstore Chain Helps You Sleep With Your Favorite Book Characters


Books? Actual printed books? People still buy those things? Apparently so. Otherwise this ACW Grey-created campaign for Israeli bookstore chain Steimatzky is a total waste of money.

Whether or not it's wasted ad spend remains to be seen but one thing is clear; this is one very creative ad campaign. The work centers on print which carries the headline "The Right Book Will Always Keep You Company." The visuals then convey the headline quite literally by placing characters from well known novels in bed with readers.

Yes, yes, we realize this could kick up quite a different set of scenarios given racier book titles but let's keep things innocent for now.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-24-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Insane Runaway Bride and Groom Save Betrothed From Life of Misery in Silly Nissan Note Ads


This is, perhaps the worst and most annoying "stunt commercial" ever created. TBWA/G1, rather than create your typical virtual test drive video for the Nissan Note, came up with a scenario in which either a bride or a groom bails on their wedding and gets picked up by a person taking the Note for a test drive. What ensues is some of the most grating, insipid, and utterly silly acting we have ever seen in a commercial of any type.

As you watch each of two video (one for the bailing groom and one for the bailing bride) you come to realize it's not these two who are saving themselves from a life of misery; it's their betrothed who are escaping unscathed.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-24-13    
Topic: Worst

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